Great Lakes Rubber & Supply, Inc.

Supply Chain Manufacturers

Aeroquip Eaton Kalrez Garlock Goodyear Hannay Parker Seals Parker PolyMod Trelleborg Warco Kuriyama

Product Overview

Great Lakes Rubber & Supply Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for these quality products.

Back-Up Rings Graphite Piston Rings Tapes
Balls Grommets Piston Seals Teflon Products
Bellows Hose Hydraulic Assemblies Poly-Pak Seals Tools:
  • Assembly
  • Extraction
  • Installation
Blow Tips Hose Quad Rings
Boots Hydraulic Hose Ribbon Packing
Coatings Industrial Hose Rod Wipers T-Bolt Clamps
  • Kits
  • Extruded Shapes
  • Molded Shapes
  • Seals & Packing
Injection Molding Rotary Shaft Seals Tubing
Integral Seals Scraper Rings U-Cups
Kalrez Screw Type Clamps Urethane Seals & Packing
Kits Sheet Packing
Die Cuts Lathe Cut Seals Silicone Sealants V Seals
Electrically Conductive Rubber Lubricants Sizing Cones Variseals
Extruded Shapes Molded Shapes Slydway Turcite B Varilips
Fastener Seals Oil Seals Sponge Closed/Open Cell V-Packing/Rings
Flexmaster Joints O-rings Synflex Hose & Fittings Wear Rings
Gaskets Piston Cups Wipers

Strategic Statement 2016

Great Lakes Rubber strives to meet our customer's global requirements through excellent customer service, alignment with world class suppliers, and continuous improvement of our quality management system.

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